Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have provided a lot of information about us and our services, our working process, our terms and conditions, our policies, etc.

Yes, we do not charge for l'opening of'an account.

Yes you can send'Aurinko fund to another bank

Get the registration form'by clicking the Register button on'the top bar. Provide all the necessary information and click the S button'register.

No, we do not provide information about our account holders to third party organizations.

We have several loan plans. Choose the plan that best suits you and click on the Apply Now button indicating the amount.

We have several FDR plans. Choose the plan that best suits you and click on the Apply Now button indicating the amount.

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Our services

We make your life comfortable with our services.

Quick transfer

Our transfer system'money is safe and simple. Send your funds to your beneficiaries within Aurinko fund or to'other banks. The transfer within Aurinko fund is instantaneous and to d'other banks may take 24 hours.

Deposit funds

Aurinko fund account holders can deposit their money through our various payment systems. We have online payment services such as PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Mollie, Payeer, etc..

Withdrawal of funds

Aurinko fund account holders can withdraw'money from their account. Without verification, no withdrawal will be made. So you can trust Aurinko fund..

J'opened an account 5 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds at Aurinko fund. Their deposit plans are really helpful.

Janno Broekmeulen

Chief storekeeper

They are just awesome, the best quality of service I have ever had'never had. You can trust them and deposit your funds. Their loan plans are really helpful

Giorgia Lorenzo


The quality of service, listening and support is irreproachable. With a schedule that does not allow me to travel to the agency, my advisor answers me by email at the slightest question.

Jacques Bourget

Head of'Agency

The best quality of service I'never had. The transfer system'money is just awesome. The beneficiary list system makes it very efficient.

Benjamin Rothstein


We provide our banking services worldwide

Aurinko fund is a system of'secure and robust e-banking which is becoming popular worldwide 'today. We offer the best FDR, DPS and loan plans to our account holders.


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